Ge Washer Dryer Combo Troubleshooting: Expert Tips to Fix Common Issues

As someone who uses a GE washer dryer combo daily, troubleshooting can be daunting. I've faced issues from my machine not starting to it getting stuck on the spin cycle. Initially, I was overwhelmed, but I learned that the cause could range from a simple power loss to a more complex component failure. Indeed, these problems can disrupt our routines, but understanding common issues and solutions can save precious time and prevent frustration.

Key Takeaways:

  1. GE Washer Dryer Combo Issues vary from not turning on to not draining, often due to causes like power disruption, faulty components, or clogged drains.

  2. Common Solutions include checking for power, ensuring proper cycle selection, unclogging filters, and replacing worn-out components.

  3. Recognizing Error Codes can aid in diagnosing problems, with codes like E22 indicating the washer isn't filling with water, and E70 implying a stuck key issue.

Intrigued? Dive in to equip yourself better for potential issues with your GE washer dryer combo.

GE Washer Dryer Combo Troubleshooting

What are the 9 common problems with GE Washer Dryer Combo?

Washer dryer combos from GE appliances are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. Yet, as with all appliances, they may occasionally face a few issues.

Let's explore some of the common problems people encounter:

Does the GE Washer Dryer Combo have a power issue?

Picture this: you're all set to do your laundry, but your GE washer dryer combo refuses to power up. Frustrating, right?

Well, there could be a few reasons behind this.

It could be a power loss, a loose or faulty cord, a defective outlet, or even a tripped breaker.

To fix this, first, check if there's a power loss in your home.

If not, make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into the outlet.

If you suspect a faulty cord or outlet, try replacing them. And if you've encountered a tripped breaker, simply reset it.

Why won't the GE Washer Dryer Combo start?

So, you've got the power issue sorted out, but now your GE washer dryer combo still refuses to start.

What's going on? Well, there could be a few culprits here.

It might be due to a failed power connection, an open lid, a wrong cycle selection, or even a faulty start switch, timer, or control board.

To tackle this problem, first, double-check the power connection.

Next, make sure the lid is properly closed because the washer won't start if it's open.

Also, ensure that you've selected the right cycle.

And if all else fails, it might be time to replace any faulty components.

Does the GE Washer Dryer Combo fail to wash?

You're all set to wash your clothes, but your GE washer dryer combo just won't cooperate. It's frustrating, I know!

This issue could be due to failed power, an open lid, a canceled cycle, or even a damaged magnet or lid switch probe.

To troubleshoot this problem, start by checking the power connection.

Then, make sure the lid is firmly closed before starting the cycle.

If your washer-dryer has canceled the cycle, simply restart it. And if you suspect any damage to the magnet or lid switch probe, it's time for a replacement.

Why won't the GE Washer Dryer Combo dry?

Alright, let's move on to the drying phase.

You've loaded your wet clothes into the GE washer dryer combo, but now it refuses to dry them. Ugh, why is this happening?

Well, one possible cause could be an airflow obstruction or component failure.

To tackle this problem, start by unclogging the lint filter, vent, and blower.

These obstructions can prevent proper airflow, leading to ineffective drying. If that doesn't solve the issue, it's time to check for any faulty components that might need replacing.

5. Spinning Troubles with GE Washer Dryer Combo

Now, let's talk about spinning troubles.

You've finished washing your clothes, but the GE washer dryer combo just won't spin. What gives?

Well, there are a couple of things that could be causing this issue.

Understanding the Not Spinning Issue

Firstly, overloading the washer with clothes can prevent it from spinning properly. Make sure not to overload it, as that can strain the machine. Secondly, check if the lid is closed properly because the washer won't spin if it's open. Lastly, worn-out or faulty components could also be the culprit. If you suspect any issues with the components, it's time to replace them.

Why isn't the dryer drum rotating?

If the dryer drum isn't rotating, it could be due to a worn-out belt, support rollers, drum glides, support bearings, drive motor, idler pulley, or roller axle. In this case, you'll need to replace the faulty component to get your dryer drum back in action.

What are the draining issues with GE Washer Dryer Combo?

Draining problems can be a significant challenge on laundry day. If your GE washer dryer combo is not draining properly, it could be due to a blocked drain hose, drain pump, or coin trap.

To fix this, you'll need to clean out the drain hose, pump, and coin trap.

These areas can easily get clogged with lint, debris, or even forgotten loose change. So, give them a good clean, and your draining problems should be resolved.

7. Troubleshooting When GE Washer Dryer Combo Doesn't Fill With Water

If your GE washer dryer combo isn't filling with water, it can put a damper on your laundry plans. The possible culprits behind this issue include low water pressure, a clogged water valve or fill hose, or even a faulty water valve, pressure switch, or control board.

To address this problem, start by checking the water pressure.

If it's low, you might need to raise it. Next, clean out the water valve or fill hose if they're clogged.

And if you suspect any faulty components, it's time for a replacement.

Why does the GE Washer Dryer Combo get stuck on spin?

Imagine this: you're running a cycle on your GE washer dryer combo, and suddenly it gets stuck on the spin cycle. Talk about frustrating!

This issue could be due to a clogged filter or drain pipe or even a defective lock or control board.

To troubleshoot this problem, start by cleaning the filter and drain pipe to remove any obstructions.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you might need to replace the lock or control board.

9. Dealing with Problems When GE Washer Dryer Combo Lid Won't Lock

Last but not least, we have the issue of a lid that won't lock.

This can be quite annoying, as the washer won't start if the lid isn't properly locked. The likely causes of this problem include a damaged or faulty seal, retaining ring, door latch, or control board.

To fix this, you'll need to replace the damaged or defective component.

Once the lid locks properly, you'll be able to start your washer with ease.

Decoding GE Washer Dryer Combo Error Messages

Now that we've covered the common problems, let's talk about error messages. GE washer dryer combos often display error codes to help troubleshoot specific issues.

Here are a few common ones:

  • E22: This code indicates that the washer isn't filling with water properly.

  • E30: This code suggests a problem with the draining process.

  • E60/E61/E63/E64: These codes point to a faulty door lock.

  • E65: This code indicates a problem with the water-level sensor.

  • E66/E67: These codes suggest an issue with the water temperature sensor.

  • E70: This code indicates a stuck key.

  • 001/003: These codes point to a faulty inlet thermistor.

  • 002/004: These codes suggest a faulty outlet thermistor.

  • 005: This code indicates a bad main control board.

  • 007: This code suggests a power fault.

  • 009: This code indicates a failing drive motor.

How to Reset Your GE Washer Dryer Combo

If you ever need to reset your GE washer dryer combo, don't worry, it's a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your washer dryer combo from the power source, or flip off the breaker that supplies power to it.

  2. Leave it unplugged or with the breaker flipped off for at least 2 minutes. This allows the machine to reset.

  3. After the 2 minutes have passed, plug it back in or flip the breaker back on.

  4. Your GE washer dryer combo should now be reset and ready to go!

If the error code persists even after resetting, it's best to call in an expert to take a look at your appliance.


What are the problems with washer dryer combos?

Washer dryer combos can face various problems, including power issues, startup troubles, washing and drying failures, spinning and draining problems, issues with filling water, getting stuck on spin, and lid lock malfunctions.

Why is my GE washer dryer combo not drying?

If your GE washer dryer combo isn't drying, it could be due to airflow obstructions or component failures. Check the lint filter, vent, and blower for clogs, and replace any faulty components if necessary.

Does my GE washer have a reset button?

No, most GE washers do not have a physical reset button.

However, you can reset your GE washer by unplugging it for at least 2 minutes or flipping off the breaker for 2 minutes, and then plugging it back in or flipping the breaker back on.

Concluding Thoughts:

Well, there you have it!

We've covered the common problems people face with their GE washer dryer combos and how to troubleshoot them. From power issues to spinning troubles, draining problems to error codes, we've got you covered.

Remember, if you're unsure about any repairs, it's always a good idea to consult an expert.

Now, go forth and conquer those laundry challenges with confidence!

Happy washing and drying!

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