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How To Clean LG Top Load Washing Machine (Quick Guide)

Hey there, ever opened your LG top load washing machine and been hit with a smell that's more gym locker than fresh laundry? You're not alone. That odor's caused by buildups of mold, mildew, dirt, and detergent residues. If left untreated, this problem can affect your washer's performance and the cleanliness of your clothes. So why should you care? Well, who wants to wear funky-smelling clothes, right?

Rest easy, we have answers for you here.

Key Takeaways

1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly cleaning your LG top load washing machine prevents the accumulation of unwanted elements, ensuring your clothes come out as fresh as a daisy, every time.

2. Parts to Clean: The drum, dispenser, pump filter, inlet filters, and seals all require your attention. Cleaning these parts properly ensures optimal performance and saves your nostrils from that gym locker scent.

3. Maintenance: Keep the lid open when not in use, run warm or hot water cycles occasionally, and avoid overloading your machine. These simple tips can prolong the lifespan of your washer and keep it running smoothly.

How to Clean LG Top Load Washing Machine Drum

Cleaning the drum of your LG top load washing machine is essential to maintain its optimal performance and prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and soap deposits. Regular cleaning will ensure that your machine can effectively clean your clothes and prolong its lifespan. In this section, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean the drum of your LG top load washing machine.

Identifying the Best Washing Machine Tub Cleaner for LG

Before we dive into the cleaning process, it's important to choose the right washing machine tub cleaner for your LG top load washer. There are various options available in the market, but it's crucial to select one that is compatible with your machine and effective in removing dirt and residue. In my experience, I've found that using a tub cleaner specifically designed for LG washers yields the best results. These cleaners are formulated to remove tough stains and eliminate odors, leaving your drum fresh and clean.

Using the LG Tub Clean Cycle Temperature

Now that you have the right tub cleaner, it's time to start the cleaning process. Begin by ensuring that the drum is empty and there are no clothes or other items inside. Next, add the recommended amount of tub cleaner to the drum. Refer to the instructions provided with the cleaner for the appropriate dosage. Once the cleaner is added, it's time to activate the tub clean cycle on your LG top load washing machine.

To activate the tub clean cycle, locate the control panel on your machine. Look for the "Tub Clean" option and select it. On some models, you may need to press and hold the button for a few seconds to start the cycle. Once the cycle starts, the machine will fill with water and agitate to clean the drum thoroughly. The water temperature for the tub clean cycle should be set to the highest available setting. This ensures that the cleaner can work effectively in removing any buildup or residue.

Ensuring the Effectiveness of the LG Tub Clean Cycle Bleach

If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your LG top load washing machine, it may be necessary to run a bleach cycle after the tub clean cycle. To do this, pour one quart of liquid bleach into the empty drum before starting the tub clean cycle. The bleach will help eliminate any lingering odors and disinfect the drum. It's important to note that bleach should only be used if recommended by the manufacturer and if your machine has a bleach dispenser. If your machine does not have a bleach dispenser, consult the user manual for alternative instructions.

After the bleach cycle is complete, it's essential to run a rinse cycle to remove any remaining bleach residue. This will ensure that your next load of laundry is not affected by any bleach that may still be present in the drum. Simply select the rinse cycle on your machine and let it complete its cycle. Once the rinse cycle is finished, your LG top load washing machine drum will be clean and ready for use.

Troubleshooting Common Drum Cleaning Issues

While cleaning the drum of your LG top load washing machine is a straightforward process, there may be some common issues that you encounter along the way. Let's discuss a few of these issues and how to troubleshoot them.

  • Issue 1: Drum still smells after cleaning: If you notice that your drum still has a lingering odor even after completing the cleaning process, there may be some stubborn residue that requires further attention. In this case, you can repeat the tub clean cycle with a stronger concentration of cleaner or consider using a different cleaning product specifically designed to eliminate odors.
  • Issue 2: Residue or buildup in hard-to-reach areas: Sometimes, there may be residue or buildup in hard-to-reach areas of the drum, such as around the agitator or in the crevices of the drum. In these cases, you can use a soft brush or cloth to manually scrub the affected areas. Be sure to use gentle pressure to avoid damaging the drum.
  • Issue 3: Excessive vibration or noise during the tub clean cycle: If you notice excessive vibration or noise during the tub clean cycle, it may be an indication of an unbalanced load. Ensure that the drum is evenly filled with the recommended amount of cleaner and that there are no clothes or other items causing an imbalance. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to contact LG customer support for further assistance.
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